Students' Artwork

Robert, Papercutting

Prajoo, Ink Wash Painting

Nikki, Mixed Media

Ladanna, Color Pencil Drawing

Jessica, Papercutting

Dorothy, Color Pencil Drawing

Courtney, Collage

Nikki., Pop-Up Book

Anna, Pen and Ink Drawing

Joann, 3- Step Pen and Ink Drawing

Nikki, Wire Sculpture

Hannah, Paper Maché

Hannah, Cardboard Sculpture

Courtney, Papercutting

Ladanna, Ink Wash Painting

Ladanna, Paper Maché

London, Pop-Up Book

Robert, Collage

Haley, Collage

Anna, Color Pencil Drawing

Nikki, Collage

Joann, Pen and Ink Drawing

Prajoo, Color Pencil Drawing

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